Dee McMahan

Growing up in rural Arkansas and North Texas, I had a love/hate relationship with living in the country.  I loved the slow-paced lifestyle, Texas sunsets and the seasonal splendor of my Arkansas childhood.  However, I was less fond of the hard work and sacrifices required for what, in todays world, is considered a rare and coveted way of life.  


After forty-something years, I eventually found myself longing to return to "my country roots".  That longing resulted in my husband and I moving from the fast-paced lifestyle of Houston, Texas to a small place in the country of North Texas and eventually acquiring additional land in the Red River Valley area of Southern Oklahoma.  


The move from Houston included bringing our Texas Longhorn, Levi, with us and to ensure he wouldn't be lonely, we soon became a family which also included eight adopted and rescue miniature horses, a rescue Clydesdale named Katie, two Tennessee Walkers, a senior ranch mare, a menagerie of dogs, a goat and various other wildlife.  Our place in Oklahoma is home most of the year, to several momma cows and their baby calves.


It was in my "coming home", that I found my passion in photography; especially Fine Art Photography.   An essential element in my work  is utilizing natural light to reflect the "story" I see in my mind's eye; evoking an emotion or memory.  My photography primarily consists of landscape photos, horse and cattle photos, still photos and various nature photos as seen thru the camera lens of my everyday life in Texas and Oklahoma and my numerous travels.